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  • Sarah Popovich

The Write Kind of Therapy

I don’t know about you, but for me, last year’s quarantine was the bright spot amidst all of this COVID business. The long stretches at home and in relative quiet were welcome and helped me wade through the anxiety of “these uncertain times” with relative ease.

I love silence and solitude and living life at a leisurely pace. Needless to say I’m an introvert. Lately though I’ve been swept up in the chaos of busier days, but it’s not just Fall activities. So many people around me are struggling right now. There are health issues and several impending moves, big decisions and squabbles and… oh yeah, the world is insane.

Let’s just add that as the big ole cherry on top (actually I hate maraschino cherries – so let’s forget about politics).

There is a bright side of course.

The burden is heavy, but we don’t have to hold the world in our hands. We’ve got a God who does that, and He’s way more capable than the rest of us.

I have no control over other people’s lives and little over my own, but I can pray.

So I pray.

And pray.

And then I write.

It’s been slow going for sure, with my mind in so many places right now. But gradually I’m making progress on my latest story and infusing a bunch of lies (aka fiction) with a healthy dose of truth.

I’m reminding myself that every trial serves a purpose. Reminding myself that the best character arcs are hard earned, and that peace can be found no matter how tragic the backstory or how dark the night of the soul.

Page after page the plot thickens, but spoiler alert: The Author of Salvation has promised His children a happily-ever-after, and no plot twists or red herrings can mess with His ending. It’s already written.

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