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Sarah hasn’t always dreamed of being a writer, but she has always been a dreamer. Since childhood she’s lived in her head, and to this day is often caught staring into space—contemplating how she can honor God through words and worlds. She’s an avid reader of all genres, but prefers character-driven novels with tragic backstories, high-stakes, hope-infested pages and plenty of swoon-worthy romance.


Yeah, she likes kissing books.


When Sarah isn’t spending time with her fictional besties, she’s hanging out with her super-supportive husband, John, and firecracker kiddos, avoiding the Arizona heat and dreaming of their next cool-weather vacation. Of course, that dreaming may prompt another book idea. There’s always another book idea.

Likes - trees, dark chocolate, blue blocking glasses I don't really need & happily-ever-afters. 

Dislikes - coffee, reality TV & all housework except cooking. 

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